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Regional Sales Manager: (2)
description of job:
1. Market development and maintenance work nationwide, project tracking.
Job Requirements:
1. Have market research, analysis, development, management experience, familiar with channel sales and agency operations;
2. If you have professional audio industry product sales, market development, management work experience is preferred.
5. Can adapt to business trips, can bear hardships and endurance;
6. Technical secondary school or above, aged over 25 years;
7. Salary composition: basic salary + performance commission + year-end performance bonus;

Customer Service Specialist: (1)
description of job:
1. Responsible for the auxiliary business manager to take orders and place orders;
2. Responsible for arranging shipment related matters
3. Auxiliary business managers do a good job after sales;
4. Relevant sales statistics work.
Job Requirements:
1. Technical secondary school or above, customer service and order experience is preferred;
2. Diligent and eager to learn, strong sense of responsibility, standard of Putonghua, articulate, strong communication skills;
3. Have team spirit and be proficient in operating office software such as excel\word;
4. Clear mind, quick thinking, good service awareness, and patience and meticulous work.

Copywriting planning: (1)
Job description: 1. Familiar with WeChat, Weibo and other self-media promotion experience;
2. Strong writing skills, can independently complete the writing of media soft texts and news.
3. Experience in corporate brand promotion and product promotion;
5. Familiar with website construction and management.
6. Familiar with Office office software.

Note: Those with strong creative thinking are familiar with the majors of graphic design and advertising.

Professional audio application engineer: (1)
description of job:
1. Sound configuration plan development, location audio equipment debugging, etc.
Job Requirements:
1. Male, aged 25-35 years old, with electronics and electrical related majors preferred;
2. More than two years experience in audio installation and commissioning;
3. Familiar with computer system operation, know how to use CAD and other common drawing software;
4. Hard work, serious and responsible for the work, can adapt to business trips.
5. Salary composition: basic salary + performance commission + travel allowance;

Speaker Assembly Supervisor: (1)
Job Description: 1. More than three years of experience in speaker assembly management, familiar with professional speaker assembly process, responsible; with comprehensive management knowledge, scientific workshop management experience, good communication, strong coordination, team awareness; Quality, efficiency, safety and other aspects can be effectively managed.
2. Treatment interview

If you are interested in the above positions, please send your resume and face photo and ID card to our recruitment email address: mahhni@163.com. If it is suitable for us, we will notify you by phone within 7 days.