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Service concept: customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit!

Maini believes that thoughtful service and continuous innovation of product technology are equally important. The leading of products and the leading of services are the real leading of maini.

Maini has a customer service system for all types of customers to establish a detailed customer file, in order to more standardized professional operation mode to serve customers!

Design: let you have the most reasonable professional sound amplification system.

Technical support: perfect technical support, from positioning, wiring, installation to debugging, to ensure that the system use without worry.

Warranty service: to ensure that you can safely use.

Training and guidance: free training for operators, so that the system runs in the best state, and effectively improve the service life of the product.

· regular return visit: take the initiative to follow up customers' return visit from time to time, inquire about the use of products, and put forward reasonable Suggestions.

Service purpose: timely, effective, thoughtful, beyond user expectations!

Our 365 days continuous service without interruption, customer service requirements to deal with the timely rate of 100%, 24-hour rapid response, to provide solutions.

Product warranty:

System solution designed or confirmed by maini company personnel, for non-human fault products, speaker unit warranty for two years, electronic products warranty for one year.(due to improper use of human operation, unauthorized modification of system configuration or product equipment damage, or due to natural disasters and other force majeure damage, not within the scope of warranty).