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  • IT SUB compact linear array system has remarkable performance and easy installation, which can be flexibly configured and used according to different places of sound amplification requirements.Excellent radiation emissaries make the whole system sound clear and delicate, with strong sound penetration and rich bass elasticity, which can be combined into high-energy broadband main acoustic amplification system.Can be used for hanging, landing installation, widely used in multi-function hall, conference room, church school, bar, mobile performance and other public places.
  • IT.2M6 is a line array speaker with dichotomous audio design. IT adopts Coverage Control Technology, and the horizontal Coverage frequency reaches 250Hz.IT.2M6 USES two 6.5" bass units and a 1" compressed treble to form a 120x10 degree diffusion Angle.Two 6.5-inch units using CCT technology provide sufficient low-frequency expansion for the speaker.In use with four or more wire arrays, the IT 2M6 provides accurate, controllable linear array amplification performance through excellent debugging of the linked hangers. IT.2M6 line array has two configurations, namely: double bass full frequency line array system;Single medium tone + single bass full frequency linear array system. IT series linear array speakers can provide unparalleled live effects for all kinds of live sound amplification, such as: medium and large concerts, arts festivals, large halls.
  • 12 "stage listening back
  • K2 line array system is designed for mobile performance with high requirements for portable transportation and strict requirements for the appearance of speakers For fixed installation and other occasions of sound amplification applications and design. K2 system USES medium and high frequency line array unit combined with active bass speaker, which contains 4 The K2 speaker is small in size and excellent in performance, with two T21 active subwoofers and a number of delicate accessory sets Synthetic line array system, each K2 speaker with 12x 3.15 "long stroke, full frequency band, high performance The T21 bass has a 21 "large dynamic rubidium iron boron drive unit. The whole system USES the Italian original production Powersoft double channel, D class number The word power amplifier and a compact powerful DSP are mounted on the fixed speaker housing In, the input interface provided by the back board can support balanced line signal input.Safety equipment Multiple limiting, line protection, overheating protection.Sound quality, full band range, pure sound Net, music expressive
  • Dual 5 inch line array
  • Single 12-inch subwoofer
  • The w-260 is a passive binary frequency 1"/5.5" coaxial speaker system designed to provide a true point-source radiation in an extremely compact housing.The w-60 speaker selection European branded unit includes a high-power 5.5" woofer and a coaxial mounted neodymium magnet driver with 30mm voice coil.This advanced design adjusts the sound source center of the transducer together to produce a point sound source.This unique speaker technology provides a coherent wavefront with no syllable spots.180 ° ball silk membrane treble time calibration and precise directionality to ensure a balanced and effective coverage.W-60 audio system has outstanding low-frequency texture, clear and transparent high and medium frequency layers, and sweet and pure beauty.Low distortion, more detail, wider acoustic focus, replay more direct and accurate.Combined with a full complement of mounting, lifting equipment and accessories, it provides a perfect solution for almost all applications of high quality, near-field mounted acoustic amplification systems when used with ultra low sound speakers.The system is designed to provide full, on-the-spot sound amplification, while the entire system can be suspended or hidden so that the box is barely visible.
  • The application of a variety of new technologies, focusing on enhancing high sound quality performance and reliability, is an ideal choice for a variety of high-demand sites.Using high quality long life components, key components accurately match, and leave enough margin.The improved design, the application of current feedforward and isometric hysteresis two new technology, compared with the traditional power amplifier, reduce heating, reduce interference, enhance reliability.Three high (high efficiency, high speed, high current output) circuit design.Combined with the improved design of the amplifier in absolute safety under the premise of the output of more than 55A current, easy to face a variety of loads, more can reflect the price of high-quality speakers.Perfect and reliable protection function, from short circuit, overload, overheat, dc, delay, distortion voltage limit surge, overvoltage, VHF, etc.