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The first immersive high-end wedding theme hotel in Anyang, Henan, using holographic technology! Mani audio escort!

Design, construction, time 3 months, the green sister wedding feast finally unveiled the mysterious veil, the green sister wedding banquet hotel is the first holographic technology in anyang, henan province to create an immersive high-end wedding theme hotel!Hotel invest 113 million, covers an area of 5000 square, can accommodate 800 people dining at the same time, the hotels are designed for new wedding of LED large screen 60 square meters, the performance level of line array acoustic, more than 200 kinds of stage lighting lamp, excellent hardware devices and the green younger sister system trained professional planning and execution team, can make all kinds of special wedding for the couple.

Project details: in the design of sound amplification system of the wedding banquet hall, maini audio company adopted 24 A6 series active line array speakers, 12 single 18 active ultra-low (built-in Powersoft active power amplifier, processor module), 12 return sound, 16 full frequency as auxiliary sound supplement and professional power amplifiers and professional peripheral equipment.