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K series performance level line sound source column system

Introduction to K2 system

K2 line array system is designed for mobile performance with high requirements for portable transportation and strict requirements for the appearance of speakers

For fixed installation and other occasions of sound amplification applications and design.

K2 system USES medium and high frequency line array unit combined with active bass speaker, which contains 4

The K2 speaker is small in size and excellent in performance, with two T21 active subwoofers and a number of delicate accessory sets

Synthetic line array system, each K2 speaker with 12x 3.15 "long stroke, full frequency band, high performance

The T21 bass has a 21 "large dynamic rubidium iron boron drive unit.

The whole system USES the Italian original production Powersoft double channel, D class number

The word power amplifier and a compact powerful DSP are mounted on the fixed speaker housing

In, the input interface provided by the back board can support balanced line signal input.Safety equipment

Multiple limiting, line protection, overheating protection.Sound quality, full band range, pure sound

Net, music expressive