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In October, MAHHNI goes to Shanghai Prolight+Sound exhibition!

Shanghai international professional lighting and audio exhibition, adhering to 15 years of reputation accumulation, Europe, America, Japan and South Korea market strong leader, focus on high-end purchasing power;Russia, South America market has become a scale, lock potential market.Domestic cultural market support continued to strengthen, hold the east China, radiation second and third line.

Shanghai international professional lighting and sound show 2018 will provide you with tailor-made exclusive brand promotion channels, online and offline platforms, pre-exhibition and post-exhibition stages, to create a global high-end business matching platform!

Exhibition across professional audio-visual equipment and technology, professional audio equipment and technology, professional lighting equipment and technology, laser technology and equipment demonstration, stage machinery and equipment, devices, systems and technology, stage special effects, LED products, and a large screen, public broadcasting equipment, audio and video integrated system, conference system, recording equipment and production, and related accessories twelve major product categories.Welcome to the industry colleagues and professional visitors here!



开放时间:10月10-12日    09:30-17:00
10月13日         09:30-15:30



音响·灯光展:2018 年 10 月 10  –  13 日

地    点:中国 上海 浦东 新国际博览中心