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Introduction:A6 system is an expandable linear array system. Its full-frequency A6 and ultra-low a6-sub/a6-sub A are combined to form A passive or active linear array system. The design of the A6 full frequency box is in full compliance with all WST requirements -- true linear arrays are strictly governed by the physical definition of WST.It comes with a 10-inch woofer and two 1-inch treble drives.In 10 inches in front of the box body compression cavity phase plug (compression will chamber phase plug-in) combined with through the coupling between two high drive the optimization of the waveform generator, the vertical wave form a 10 °, generate very thick in the low frequency and bright treble.
Product description

【Model】 :A6
【Frequency Response】 :50Hz~18KHz(±3dB)
【Component】:LF:1x10"DRVER;HF: 2x1"DRVER
【Nominal Impedance】:16ohms
【Rated Power】:350W AES
【Maximum SPL】:127dB/1m
【Enclosure】:Birch plywood 
【Finish】: Black ,scrath paint
【Grill】:Steel grill with black foam
【Connector】: 2xNeutrik NL4
【Dimension】(HWD):275x 500 x 355 mm