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K1 slim line speakers

Introduction:K1 is a "high power, performance level" active three-in-one sound amplification system.The system has the characteristics of "full frequency domain", "quick installation", "expandable" and "plug and play". By using Italian powersoft original imported DSP switching power supply 2 channel digital power amplifier, 16 2" medium-high pitch, 1 15" rubidium magnetic bass composed of a 2 frequency active system.Safety with multiple limiting, line, thermal protection.Sound quality, the whole band sound, the sound balance, the sound quality is clear, music performance is good, unique technology design make sound field level 120 ° even coverage. K1 sound column can meet the most demanding requirements in appearance, physics, acoustics and electromechanical compatibility.A high vertical directivity control is used to centrally output to the listener area and reduce energy to diffuse into the reverberation field.Can be perfectly applied to any acoustic and aesthetic environment, whether in the band performance, music bar, religious places, conference hall, auditorium or other public places, while meeting the requirements of high voice clarity and matching visual needs, to effectively meet the precise requirements of architects and sound designers.
Product description

【Frequency Response】:180Hz~18KHz(±3dB)

【Rated Power】:240W
【Nominal Impedance】:16 ohms

【Maximum SPL】:116dB~122dB

【Enclosure】:铝合金 Aluminum
【Finish】:烤漆 Black ,scrath paint
【Grill】:内六角孔钢网 Steel grill with black foam
【Connector】:2xNeutrik NL4