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Introduction:260P is a 2 in 6 out full digital speaker processor.
Product description
DPA260P is a cost-effective 2 in 6 out digital speaker processor.Its design concept is to provide the most suitable audio source processing and control the role of the scene for the low - and medium-budget cost market.The processor has two analog inputs and six analog outputs, and has a powerful MARANI M704 DSP processor.The machine is equipped with a 24-bit AD/DA converter, and each input channel has an 11-band parameter equalizer, gain control, noise gate function, dynamic bass enhancement function, RMS limiter, built-in pink/white noise generator and an optional delay.Each output provides a filter with up to 7 bands of parameter equalization with a slope of up to 48dB/Oct.Each output channel can choose peak limiter or RMS limiter and delay.In addition, the output channel 1/ channel 3/ channel 5 is equipped with a dynamic loudness filter.