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Introduction:The a8-sub is a high-performance heart-shaped ultra-low frequency speaker with two long stroke neodymium magnetic steel units.One of the bass reflective design of the 18 "unit radiates forward;The other band - pass design 12 "unit radiates backwards.By means of the diffusion characteristic of the heart shape generated by this structure, the unnecessary sound energy behind the system can be eliminated.This can effectively reduce the low frequency echo area and provide the most accurate low frequency reproduction ability.As the low-frequency extension of A8 full-frequency speaker, a8-sub ultra-low frequency speaker can be applied in various combinations.It can also be mounted on top of the A8 array or as a separate set of low-frequency speakers if the ground is stacked or suspended.The boxes A8 and a8-sub/a8-sub A are made of birch wood, and the surface is treated with anti-collision paint and outdoor protective paint.
Product description

【Model】: A8-SUB
Frequency Response】:32Hz~115KHz(±3dB)
【Component】:LF: 1x18"(4voice coil)+ 1x12"
【Nominal Impedance】:8ohms
【Rated Power】:800AES
【Recommended Amplifier】:1600W into 8ohms
【Maximum SPL】:133dB/1m
【Enclosure】: Birch plywood
【Finish】: Black ,scrath paint
【Grill】: Steel grill with black foam
【Connector】:2xNeutrik NL4