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Guangzhou Maini (MAHHNI) Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the R&D, design, production, sales, installation and commissioning of professional audio systems. Designed for digital life, every customer brings top-notch audiovisual enjoyment. Our unique product design, simple and clear operation, perfectly integrated with the modern life, the perfect combination of perfect design and top-notch interpretation of the value of ‘Mini’ in a new way. The company's brand 'MAHHNI' products are now widely used in large theaters, theaters, stadiums, halls, sound reinforcement systems, schools, hotels, plazas, shopping malls, theme parks, convention center conference sound reinforcement systems, high-end KTV and A sound reinforcement system for bar entertainment venues, a large-scale performance and performing live performance project. At the same time, we provide a total solution for the sound reinforcement system.


Italy B&C is the world's three largest speaker manufacturers and suppliers

Founded in 1946 by Roberto Coppini and Fernando Borrani, B&C Audio is one of the largest and most prestigious manufacturers of professional audio transducers in the world. Focusing on the professional audio ("Pro Audio") and musical instrument markets, B&C maintains a leading position in the industry with a 15% share of the high-end professional market. B&C designs and distributes B&C branded components, in addition to being an OEM component supplier to most of the top professional audio brands on the market. B&C always adheres to strict quality control, provides high-quality, cutting-edge products, and has won unanimous praise in the international market.


In 1995, Powersoft was established in Florence, Italy. Powersoft amplifiers are used by the world's leading touring and event sound companies, and are the first choice of leading system designers, sound engineers, and engineers. Reliable highest-level power and headroom in the smallest possible size. Powersoft today serves you primarily in two major markets: the professional audio market and the mobile systems market. Powersoft's professional audio division develops, designs and manufactures power amplifiers and software control systems. Powersoft products are used by users in more than 50 countries. Today, Powersoft is one of the most popular brands in the professional audio field; its innovative products and integrated expertise have made Powersoft a global reputation.